Video in English version: Radón. The killer gas.

El radón: Un Gas Radiactivo de Origen Natural
en Su Casa

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Otras Noticias

  • La universidad de Cantabria comienza a impartir los primeros cursos sobre radón.
    Se impartirán 2 cursos en la UC, uno básico y otro avanzado, para mas información haga click en los siguientes enlaces para cada uno de los cursos. 1.      Avanzado: https://web.unican.es/estudios/estudios-propios-de-posgrado/informacion-estudios-propios-de-posgrado/detalle-estudios-propios?e=3514 Programa curso básico radón  
    Programa curso avanzado radón
    Course Title ENUSA Training Course on Radon for Building Professionals, Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain, 12-16 November 2018  Location Laboratory of Natural Radiation, ENUSA IDUSTRIAS AVANZADAS Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain  Date 12-16 November 2018  Nomination Deadline 31 August 2018  Course Information The purpose of the training course is for the participants to understand and gain practical experience in the approaches to minimizing exposure of the public due to radon in homes, both through the development of building codes for the design of new homes and the application of corrective actions to reduce radon concentrations in existing homes. Each country can propose 4 candidates. Price: 1900€/participant.  Course Director Prof. Dr. Luis S. Quindos Poncela Universidad de Cantabria; Hospital Nacional "Marques de Valdecilla" Departamento de Ciencias Médicas y Quirúrgicas; Facultad de Medicina; Avenida Cardenal Herrera Oria S/N, 39011 Santander, SPAIN Tel.: +34665654573 Email: quindosl@unican.es Selection Criteria The participants should be specialists in building control, with a thorough knowledge of issues related to indoor air quality. They must be able to discuss and understand technical aspects of radon and building terminology in English language. Candidates who do not meet these criteria will not be accepted.   The cost per student include:
    - Transfer from Madrid to C. Rodrigo and back as well as dayly tranfer from the hotel to the LRN.
    - Wellcome cocktail on sunday, 11 November.
    - Accomodation for 5 nights in individual room.
    - Five breakfast, five lunch  and four diners.
    - Certification of attendance.
    - USB with material of the course.
    - Theoretical and practical sesions.
      The students selected must send us ID information necessary to acces into the LRN fifteen days before start the course. The bus to pick up people from Madrid Airport will depart  at 18 h. For this could be interesting to accomodate theirs flights to arrive Madrid early.  

Kit Radón

  • Kit_Radon
    Si desea medir el radon en su casa, solicite el Kit Radon por 80€ + iva. El kit incluye: [2 detectores] [Instrucciones] [Un DVD] [Una camiseta] Los gastos de envío corren por cuenta del cliente.

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